Design procedure of slot antenna

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Objective: To design and fabricate a linearly polarised rectangular /square microstrip patch antenna on a given substrate of thickness 0.762 mm and dielectric constant 3.2 at a frequency of 890 MHz and 2.5GHz.

(PDF) A design procedure for slotted waveguide antennas with ... Mar 19, 2018 ... Slotted waveguide antenna (SWA) arrays offer clear advantages in terms of their design, weight, volume, power handling, directivity, and ... Slot Antenna - San Jose State University Slot Antenna: Radiation Pattern Project. Charles Tumbaga. San Jose State University ... •The Theory. •Uses for Slot Antenna. •The Design. •Procedure. • Results. Slot Antenna - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics For a practical design, however, the ground plane may be finite but large in size. .... Similar procedures can be extended to a half-wave slot antenna or, ... Design CPW Fed Slot Antenna for Wideband Applications - piers

Slotted Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Dual Band Operation

San Jose State University Electrical Engineering 172 Microwave Engineering Final Project. Outline •The Theory •Uses for Slot Antenna •The Design •Procedure •Results •Future Work •Conclusion. Outline •The Theory •Uses for Slot Antenna •The Design •Procedure •Results •Future Work Design of Slot Antenna for Wideband Applications - ERNET DESIGN PROCEDURE This slot antenna composed of two small slots in the ground plane that are in T shape. Design :The parameters of this structure are as following: L 1 =28mm (total length of slot antenna) L 2 = 22mm (length of the slot along y-axis) L 3 = 3.5mm(length of extended notch) Fig. 3. Return loss of the designed antenna. 2 Fig. 4 ... ADVANCED DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF UWB U-SLOT MICROSTRIP ...

In this project, a CPW (Coplanar Wave guide) fed slot antenna is designed for Wi-Max application at the frequency spectrum of 5.51 GHz. The proposed antenna...

Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Antennas and Design curves relating the elements of the equivalent circuit to the physical dimensions of the antenna are first established and then subsequently used to determine the parameters of the structure. Winmate FM08-HT - 8" terminál do vozidla, Atom E3845, 4GB/64GB

Práce seznamuje čtenáře s problematikou štěrbinových antén. Zabývá se návrhem a simulací štěrbinové antény pro pásmo X v programu CST Microwave Studio. Je zde popsán postup včetně veškerých nastavení potřebných pro správný chod simulace.

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 52, NO ... slot antenna can be increased by combining it with the standard CPW slot antenna as shown in Fig. 9. This structure is referred to as the HSA. The center frequencies of the two structures were kept slightly apartto increase the bandwidthof the overallstruc-ture. The following procedure is used to design such a hybrid CPW fed slot antenna. Design of Modified Bowtie Antenna for Wireless Applications A procedure to design a bow-tic antenna using generic algorithm (GA) in whichthe formula is taken as a fitness function is also given. ... parameters in an antenna design (L, W, h, permittivity) control the properties of the antenna. ... Dual Polarization Bow-tie Slot Antenna for Broadband