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Blackjack Probability - Mathematics Stack Exchange The farthest I've really come is that the odds of the first player getting dealt a blackjack is $128\over 2652$. First case: Odds of getting an Ace are $4\over52$, odds of the next being 10,J,Q,or K are $16\over51$. Other case: Odds of getting 10,J,Q,or K are $16\over52$ and Ace $4\over 51$ so ${((4*16)*2)\over (52*51)} == {128\over 2652}$ Blackjack: Finding Expected Values of Games of Chance with ... So the final probability of getting two Aces when you are dealt two cards from a standard deck of 52 is: 4 out of 52 multiplied by 3 out of 51, which equals 12 out of 2,652, which simplifies to 1 ... Perfect Pairs - Blackjack Side Bet Rules, Payout, Odds, House ... Perfect Pairs is entirely based on chance, like all blackjack side bets, and those chances are slim. In a standard eight-deck game, where we have the best odds available, we have just a 1.7% chance of drawing a perfect pair and being paid out 25:1, with slightly better chances of drawing a coloured or mixed pair, at 1.9% and 3.9%, respectively.

I am getting thrown off by some of the calculations because the site does not include formulas. I am interested in the math used to determine the statistical probability of a specific hand being dealt. For example, Wizard of Odds states that for a six deck game, the probabilities of getting Lucky Ladies (Pair of Queen of Hearts) is 0.0295%.

In the game of blackjack played with one deck, a player is initially dealt 2 different cards from the 52 different cards in the deck. a winning "blackjack" hand is won by getting 1 of the 4 aces and 1 of 16 other cards worth 10 points. the two cards can be in any order. find the probability of being dealt a blackjack hand. what approximate percentage of hands are winning blackjack hands? Blackjack Odds & Probability - Explanation and Calculations Your probability of getting a ten on your second card is 16/51. There are 16 cards in the deck with a value of ten; four each of a jack, queen, king, and ten. So your probability of being dealt an ace and then a 10 is 1/13 X 16/51, or 16/663. The probability of being dealt a 10 and then an ace is also 16/663.

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If you want to be successful at blackjack then it is incredibly important to understand odds and probabilities in the game. You need to understand your odds of busting or winning in any situation, depending on the hand you are dealt. First things first-understand your odds of busting in any situation if you hit. Blackjack Mathematics, Probability, Odds, Basic Strategy ... The dealer also has an equally higher chance to get a blackjack. The difference is the player is paid 150% for a blackjack, while the dealer always gets 1 to 1 for a natural. Let's say the player has a 2% higher probability to get a blackjack (for a positive count, including Aces). Find Out How To Count Blackjack Odds and Probabilities